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Raychem PW

Raychem underfloor heating brings comfort and reduces heating costs.
  • Electric underfloor heating is installed close to the floor surface, resulting in quick room warm-up.
  • Uniform heat distribution allows for a lower thermostat setting (2°C) without any loss of comfort.
  • During spring or autumn, turn off the conventional heating yet keep floors warm and cozy
  • Raychem floor heating systems provide comfortable heat to all floor types.
  • Complete room heating or comfort heating to complement existing heating system
  • Ideal for renovation projects because of low construction height, but also suitable for new construction.
    • Bathrooms, kitchens, entrance halls, living rooms, leisure rooms, conservatories… in residential buildings
    • Guest rooms in hotels, nursery homes and hospitals, playgrounds in kindergartens, dressing rooms in sports facilities