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The History of Rumsey Electric

The year is 1895. Horse drawn streetcars rumble through the city. The first professional football game is played. Babe Ruth is born and a pitcher named Cy Young leads the league. Grover Cleveland is President of the forty-four United States. Many small towns on the east coast begin to transition to electricity and two brothers, George and Eugene Rumsey, start a small company in Philadelphia to design, engineer and install electric generating systems for regional municipalities in the Mid-Atlantic States.

The expanding electrification of the northeast in the late 19th and early 20th centuries created surging demand for the construction of the electrical infrastructure necessary to make and deliver electricity to the rapidly expanding population and economy. The company that George and Eugene founded in 1895 - Rumsey Electric - became known as a leading source of technical expertise to support the sale and installation of the systems required for these electrification projects.

This new electrical infrastructure soon created a growing demand for electrical products, services, and supplies. Rumsey Electric expanded into electrical wholesaling to service this growing market and quickly became a trusted source of electrical products and services for Industrial, Construction and Utility customers.

Rumsey has continued to expand and evolve. After adding two Pennsylvania branch locations in the 70’s, in 1989 we purchased Tab Electric, the oldest Electrical Distributor in Trenton, NJ. In 1997 we added, Tecot Electric Supply, a Delaware-based distributor with seven counter locations. In the 1980’s, as factory automation grew, the Industrial Automation Group was established to meet the growing support and training needs of our automation customers. Rumsey has been the exclusive distributor for Rockwell Automation products and services in the area since July 31, 1941.  In 1993, in response to increased warehouse needs and to improve our delivery capabilities, we consolidated into our current 135,000 square foot headquarters and central distribution center in Conshohocken, PA - the “crossroads of the Delaware Valley’.

In 1985 Rumsey surpassed the $100 Million sales mark and has consistently ranked in the top 50 Electrical Distributors ranking since 1983.  In 1987 we took the big step to employee ownership and in 2007 made the final step to a 100% employee-owned company. Another milestone was achieved in January of 1998 when Rumsey became ISO9000 registered and then again in November, 2003 as we achieved ISO9001:2000.  

From our earliest days when George and Eugene furnished turnkey electric generation and distribution systems, to our present day as a diverse electrical products and services organization, Rumsey’s focus continues to be providing quality and service to our customers. We are very proud to be providing quality service and products to the marketplace and take great pride in our abilities and people.