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Small Project Services

Rumsey is pleased to introduce our small gear and panelboard project express service - addressing electrical contractors’ increasing needs for fast quote and from-stock delivery on small and medium sized projects. The Rumsey Express Service helps electrical contractors be more competitive and win more jobs.

Key to the Rumsey Express small project service:

  • Dedicated and experienced small project gear & panelboard team   
  • Expanded local stock - featuring General Electric® products
  • Quick quote turn around - typically 24 hours and at very competitive levels
  • Quick delivery from stock or will-call pickup from any branch location

Featuring General Electric® products:

  • Panelboards
  • Load centers
  • Circuit breakers

Our team of professionals has decades of experience estimating, designing and managing projects of all sizes. 

The new small project express team can help you select from the latest in switchgear, switchboards, panelboards, transformers, safety switches, circuit breakers selection and various other systems that bring power into commercial, retail, institutional and industrial buildings.  

Let’s get started!

Small Project Team Contact

Email bids and drawings to:  

Phone: 800.462.2402
Fax: 610.941.8181