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KUKA Masters Automobile Production with the Help of Independent Cart Technology

Join Rockwell and KUKA Tuesday, December 12  from 2-3pm for this webinar!

KUKA’s answer to the standard automotive car body assembly lines was the PULSE carrier 
conveyor system. Both efficient and cost effective, the PULSE system moves body sections through robotic work stations along assembly lines as joining and other functions are performed.

While designing the PULSE system, KUKA explored a number of different conveyance options. Some of the solutions were traditional, friction based, drive trains which had some advantages over the current industry standards but were merely incremental improvements to existing technology. KUKA wanted to develop a system that would bring significant change to auto manufacturing with significant benefits over legacy systems and create a true game changing technology: independent cart 

During this webinar, KUKA and Rockwell Automation will share:
How independent cart technology improved performance in automotive manufacturing
The value of independent cart technology for automotive manufacturers
How independent cart technology can be used in many areas of automotive production

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 02:00 to 03:00