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Hoffman Spectracool Air Conditioners

Hoffman Spectracool Air Conditioners

Avoid downtime and lost production while providing a safe, cool environment.

Hoffman Spectracool offers reliable cooling in demanding environments with a range
of units to meet any of your cooling needs. Don't compromise panel safety 
when controls are overheating. Switch to Hoffman today!

Hoffman Spectracool Standard 
Indoor/Outdoor Series
  • Filterless design reduces clogging
  • Energy-efficient rotary compressor for up to 23% greater energy efficiency and a quick restart under pressure
  • Easy installation
  • Dust and corrosion resistent
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Hoffman Spectracool Narrow
Indoor/Outdoor Series
  • Higher capacity with a small footprint
  • Space-saving solution to fit shallow enclosures
  • Beveled design maximizes efficiency where airflow is limited
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N17 Compact Indoor
1,000 and 2,000 BTUs/HR
292 and 585 Watts
Hoffman Spectracool Compact
Indoor Series
  • Offers vital cooling in a smaller footprint
  • Designed to fit enclosures for Type 12 indoor applications
  • Built-in active condensate evaporator
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Hoffman Easy Swap Adaptor Plenums

  • Quick and easy bolt-on upgrade solution that attaches to existing enclosure cut-out without the need for further modifications
  • Save time and retrofitting expense
  • Eliminate downtime when upgrading from older units or models from other manufacturers
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