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Rockwell Automation
Automation Fair
January 17, 2018

Every November thousands of experts, vendors and business owners from across the country come together to showcase the newest innovations in manufacturing at Automation Fair.

Power Transmission
preventative maintenance
January 16, 2018
Barry Gruver, Power Transmission Specialist

Let’s face it, unplanned downtime is in of the biggest stressors facing any plant engineer. When things go wrong, the time it takes to fix the issue, no matter how small, is lost productivity.

ethernet. Ask the Expert
January 4, 2018
Dave Kang, Network Security and Info Solutions Specialist

Your ethernet cable is your lifeline to the internet. 

Automation Fair 2017
Smart Manufacturing
December 27, 2017
Julia Santogatta

Automation Fair never ceases to be a whirlwind of technology and ideas and this year was no different.

power supply
Rockwell Automation
Control Panel Components
December 11, 2017
Tony Kaminski, Industrial Controls, Sensors & Safety Specialist

When it comes to selecting a power supply for your critical applications, Rockwell has many options to consider. Efficiency can impact enclosure sizing, energy cost and reliability due to excess heat. Limited boost capacity can affect performance on stubborn equipment requiring high inrush on startup (ie., electronic contactor coils). And oversized supplies will increase acquisition cost, space required and energy consumption. But to keep things simple, we will review the good, better and best options and ways to keep your power supply running in the case of a failure.

Automation Fair
Rockwell Automation
Control Panel Components
Automation & Control
November 30, 2017
Julia Santogatta

Automation Fair never ceases to be a whirlwind of technology and ideas and this year was no different.  There were key themes that I think would surprise none of us, such as Smart Manufacturing, the Connected Enterprise, and Smart Machines, but behind each of those themes are products and te

October 30, 2017
Mark T. Hoske

Implementations of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) architectures and the benefits of digital manufacturing deliver real benefits, including 48% less downtime, 49% fewer defects, and 23% increase in new product introductions, according to Douglas Bellin, senior manager, industry lead, Cisco Systems Inc. Bellin made the comments at the A3 Business Forum Feb. 4 in Orlando, the day after Cisco spent $1.4 billion for a cloud-based service company, Jasper Technologies Inc.

October 20, 2017
Mike Howell, EASA

Although there are many ways to assess motor insulation systems, the insulation resistance (IR) test remains a useful tool for determining if a motor should be removed from or placed into service. When conducting the test and evaluating the results, consider these six tips

September 29, 2017
Keirsten Brager, Tripwire

Securing critical infrastructure is becoming a priority for the public and private sectors. Cyber professionals everywhere are rejoicing about the increasing investments in protecting the networks and systems that keep us safe at night. The Oval Office has even signaled its intentions to make security a priority.

We welcome the new administration’s desire for a “cyber miracle.”

System Integrators
August 22, 2017
Dave Kang, Network Security and Info Solutions Specialist

I previously wrote about the use of VMware on a desktop/workstation environment – a scenario commonly known as a ‘Type 2’ or ‘Hosted’ hypervisor. This is a good use for VMware in a relatively isolated environment already running its own Operating System. For example - your laptop is running Windows 7, then you install VMware Workstation (a Type 2 hypervisor), and gain the ability to share the resources of your laptop to run additional instances of another OS in separate VMs.