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What to do with all this Motor Data

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What to do with all this Motor Data

So you have connected your motor to the cloud and have been collecting data. But now what do you do with it? 

As more and more automation components are getting smarter, are you able to keep up with and use all that data?  It is overwhelming how much data we have access to today. Google is one thing, but on your plant floor, the real-time data can save your company thousands of dollars in energy costs alone. Intelligent motor control and their protection devices can save on energy costs, maintenance time and reduce unplanned down time.  

This Rockwell blog by Bill Martin, Product Manager, Electronic Overload Relays, Rockwell Automation, gives you some good ideas of where you can use all the data that is available to you from the intelligent motor control and protection devices. Also contained in this blog is a link to an archived webinar “What to do with all that data?,” presented by Bill Martin. It is only about 40 minutes in duration and contains great information that you can use today.



Published February 05, 2018
Donna Wyatt, Industrial Controls Product Specialist
Donna Wyatt is our Product Specialist for Industrial Controls, Safety and Sensors. Donna has been a team member of Rumsey Electric for the past 22 years. When she started working for Rumsey, she was an outside sales person calling on accounts in the state of Delaware, along with accounts in Chester and Delaware counties. She created the TeleSales group for Rumsey Electric with 200 house accounts and one sales person. Donna has been a Product Specialist for the past 18 years. She works out of the Malvern, PA and New Castle, DE offices. She enjoys working with customers and internal employees assisting them with the product questions and supplying application solutions. What keeps Donna going all these years is that she learns something new every day. Donna received her degree in Business Management and Marketing from Villanova University.