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Is This the Easy, Value Priced HMI You Have Been Looking For?

Is This the Easy, Value Priced HMI You Have Been Looking For?

If you have been waiting to try out the new PanelView 5000 family because of pricing and features - the wait is over.  Rockwell has recently begun shipment on the new PanelView 5310 product line and Rumsey just added it to stock.  Combining an attractive price point with a new round of features, we think it may now be worth a few minutes of your time to check out.  Designed specifically for smaller and mid-size applications, the PanelView 5310 is ideal for custom machine builders. 

Let’s examine some of the key features that make this family of HMIs unique in the marketplace.

Enhanced integration with Logix

What does this mean?  It means Rockwell is building on the ability to automatically share tags, alarms and other data.  Shared Logix tags help simplify engineering time by allowing your controller tags to be used in your terminal without having to create HMI tags.  In addition, this latest release further enhances that by providing you with some of these intriguing benefits:

  • Time Savings on Alarming: Logix based alarms are automatically available on the 5310 eliminating the need for additional configuration.
  • Richer Auto Content: Logix tag extended properties are automatically available to use with no additional programming.  For example, with a speed tag of Gauge7_2, the engineering unit ft/min is automatically available to pull through for your use.  Other examples include name, description, min, max, etc. readily available for you.
  • Option to Eliminate Hardwired Buttons: In this unit you can integrate high-speed HMI buttons.  These buttons provide fast response since they have a Class 1 connection to the controller like a direct produce/consume tag.  These deterministic and auto-diagnosing buttons can interact with the Logix controller at I/O speeds and allow you to eliminate up to 256 hardwired, dedicated buttons for jogging applications.
  • Integrated Diagnostics: Smart Runtime Error notifications help identify and manage issues quickly.  These pre-integrated diagnostic screens are readily available for object issues.  When there is an error with one of the objects on the screen, the operator can hover over it, and a fly out will appear with additional diagnostic information on what the specific element is that is causing the issue (aka where in the data path the problem is) without you programming a thing.

Intuitive design environment

In addition to the extra integration benefits, this new design environment also provides some perks you might appreciate:

  • Scalable Vector Graphics: Gone are the days when you need to design and maintain programs for different size terminals; the library of graphics automatically adjusts objects and screens for any terminal size.  This saves time by not having to create and manage multiple applications for different size terminal deployments.
  • Prebuilt Navigation: When you create a new screen, Studio also auto builds a matching navigation bar in your application without any configuration. It has numerous other screens prebuilt and ready for your use too… alarm management, a system banner, and diagnostic screens – all fully functional out of the box but also modifiable.
  • Custom Toolbox of Graphics: Create reusable graphics, faceplates, and screens with the Add-On Graphics capabilities and integrated Studio Library.  Create once and they are available throughout your application and all future applications. save development time.
  • Enhanced Graphics – the new graphic library has more refined, higher definition graphics with built-in animations.  No more finding a specific part of an object, isolating it (such as the rectangle of a tank) and defining a scale.  Now tie the graphic in whole, to a tag and use the already existing values, such as min/max to automatically animate it.

Not to forget the things you might expect - loading from removable media and an emulator, those are there too – new and improved.

By the way, if you are wondering about software, the PV5310 uses View Designer v4.0, part of the Studio 5000 Suite.  If you are already using Studio 5000, View Design is already a part of this (since v27), so you have it you don’t need to purchase any new software to use this terminal. We like that too.

Finally, you may be wondering – is there anything to look out for?

  • Hazardous Location – if you are part of the small % that need a hazardous location rating this family won’t work for you.
  • Controllers – because of the software design that uses advanced features of the later Logix controllers, you must be using a single CompactLogix 5370 or 5380, or a single ControlLogix 5570 or 5580 controller.
  • Application Limits - Up to 1000 integrated alarms; that is quite a bit but if you are using more than a handful you may want to consider double checking on the memory size for your controller*
  • Screen Limits – this handles up to 50 Screens (including pop-ups) with that single controller.  RA says this will increase with a ‘PV5510 (performance version) and Studio v5 – 5510’ due out later this year.

The PanelView 5310 touch screen graphic terminal is ideal for OEMs and end users looking for a right-sized visualization solution for their smaller applications.  Screens sizes currently available are 7”, 9”, and 12” with a 6” to follow in a couple of months.  The terminal provides application limits of 50 screens, connection to one controller and 1000 alarms.

For more information contact your Rumsey Electric representative or see the following additional references:



Published March 05, 2018
Ed Gallagher
Ed Gallagher is one of Rumsey’s Automation Specialists working out of our Bethlehem, PA office. He supports the PAC and HMI product lines along with Information Software. With over 36 years in the industrial electronics and automation industry he has been involved since the early days of PLC adoption. Over 16 of those years were spent working for system integrators. For the last 21 years he has been working as a Rockwell Automation distributor specialist with the past nine at Rumsey. Ed can be reached at