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Solving Your Compatibility Questions... the PCDC

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Solving Your Compatibility Questions... the PCDC

Have you ever wondered if a Rockwell Automation software product is supported by a certain operating system?  Ever needed to know if two Rockwell Automation products would work together?  Are there certain versions of software or firmware that you need to check compatibility?

Did you know that the Rockwell Automation’s Product Compatibility and Download Center (PCDC) is the central location where you can find compatibility information and then the product-related downloads you need including firmware, release notes, associated software, drivers, tools and utilities?

When might you use this?

Assume you have ControlLogix 1756-L73 Series B, Version 20 controllers. You want to upgrade to a newer revision of the controller firmware because you believe there are new security features out in the later versions, but you don’t know how high you can go.

The PCDC will help you find the most current firmware revision and the compatible Studio 5000 Logix Designer version.

Once you find it, do you need to download it?

 The PCDC also has all of your downloads.  The latest version or a previous version of Rockwell Automation software or firmware? Yes, all there.

What if you wanted to see if 2 CLX modules were compatible? 

You could add a 1756-EN2TR to your “matrix” and you’ll also get full compatibility information.

You can then save this matrix, subscribe to be notified of changes, or export this grid to excel.

The last question we get asked a lot and you probably wonder a lot too is:

What Operating Systems/Patches Are Supported by my Specific Software Product? 

The PCDC is also your spot for that.

Looking for Add-On Profiles (AOPs), Electronic Data Sheets (EDSs) or other accessory files related to Rockwell Automation products? The RA Library of Process Objects? 

Yes, it has all of those too.

Ready to get started?

Link to the PCDC:

Here are some references you might also find helpful.

  • Check out this video that steps you through configuring your Rockwell Automation PCDC account to provide customized Product Notifications. 
  • PCDC Custom Product Notification FAQ will tell you about the differences between this and Knowledgebase Notifications.

Here is an example screenshot of a full compatibility comparison:

Published March 14, 2018
Alexis Kasacavage, Guest Author from Rockwell Automation
Lex Kasacavage is a Rockwell Automation Solution Architect focused on Integrated Architecture Solutions in the Philadelphia and New York regions for Rockwell Automation. Lex has over 30 years of experience in industrial automation. For the past 23 years, he has been a valued member of Rockwell Automation working with customers developing industrial automation, networking, and process solutions.