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Nothing Happens Until Something Is Sensed.... Part 2

Nothing Happens Until Something Is Sensed.... Part 2

In part 2 of our sensor series, Rumsey Electric's Component Specialist, John Kinsey, looks at doing more with less. John shows how a standard laser diffuse sensor can now be used for a specialty application by demonstrating how the sensor can detect and identfy the tiny sliver of sight glass on a white bottle. Once identified, your labeling system can perfectly orient the bottle for label placement, ensuring the label does not cover up the sight glass.

The new Rockwell Automation VisiSight Photoelectric Sensors have more advanced photo-optics and will solve more difficult sensor applications. 

Key features include: 

  • Wash down enviroment
  • Easy to use teach buttons
  • Available in laser and visiable red light
  • Auto sensing feature

We can now provide a range of solutions by taking full advantage of one standard series. Doing more with less…the Allen Bradley 42JT.   

And remember…nothing happens in automation until something is sensed… stay tuned for Part 3 in this series coming soon!

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Published March 19, 2018
Tony Kaminski, Power & Component Solutions Manager
Tony Kaminski has been in the Automation and Control industry for over 25 years. Prior to his current position as the Power & Component Solutions Manager, Tony was an Industrial Control, Sensing, Safety and Drives Specialist for 10 years at Rumsey Electric.