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Nothing Happens Until Something is Sensed… Part 1

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Rockwell Automation

Nothing Happens Until Something is Sensed… Part 1

Industrial sensor manufacturers, like Rockwell Automation, have great product lines with lots of advanced features that could help our machines and processes be more productive. Sometimes though we need to step back to appreciate the benefits.

In this video, John Kinsey, Component Specialist from Rumsey, presents a simple, quick, how-to guide to better understand the basics of Photoelectric Sensing.

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Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 in our sensor series where John will look at more challenging applications and more advanced sensing solutions like Clear Object Detection, Background Suppression, Laser Measurement, Fiber Optics and “Smart Sensors” with built-in IO Link Features.

And remember…nothing happens in automation until something is sensed…

Published February 12, 2018
Tony Kaminski, Power & Component Solutions Manager
Tony Kaminski has been in the Automation and Control industry for over 25 years. Prior to his current position as the Power & Component Solutions Manager, Tony was an Industrial Control, Sensing, Safety and Drives Specialist for 10 years at Rumsey Electric.