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Migrating from a SLC to a Logix Controller – Easy or Hard?

Migrating from a SLC to a Logix Controller – Easy or Hard?

As technology changes, many of you have asked us about migrating from your current SLC processors into a new CompactLogix or ControlLogix solution.  While this may seem daunting, it really is pretty simple.  This 11-minute video tutorial will demonstrate how you can preserve your SLC-500 I/O while “stepping forward” into a Logix processor.

Specifically, instead of writing about it, I’ll show you by doing – just how easy it is to convert a RSLogix 500 project into a RSLogix 5000/Studio 5000, Logix Designer project using Rockwell Automation’s migration software.  Then you can see how this allows you to control existing 1746 I/O by using the Ethernet module 1747-AENTR. 

This path eliminates the need to rewire all of the I/O and control the I/O with any CompactLogix/ ControlLogix controller.  Once complete, you now have a new program set that can be tailored to modernized tag naming as with any current and future 5000 Logix programs.

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Published April 09, 2018
Mace Bittman
Mace Bittman is an Automation Specialist on the Rumsey team. Mace has been in the Automation and Control industry for over 15 years. Prior to his current position, Mace worked at another Rockwell Automation Distributor in New England for 10 years and before that, Mace worked at an OEM for wastewater evaporator systems. Over time, he converted systems from older Relay Logic to PLC’s trying several manufactures resulting in standardizing in Allen Bradley PLC’s and HMI’s for automating all of their systems shipping today.