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Four PT Products You Need to Reduce Downtime

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Four PT Products You Need to Reduce Downtime

Let’s face it, unplanned downtime is in of the biggest stressors facing any plant engineer. When things go wrong, the time it takes to fix the issue, no matter how small, is lost productivity. To keep your machines running, having the right spare parts on-hand can make the difference between a 30-minute repair and a two day wait for the parts to be shipped in. Here is a list of the top four items plants need on-hand to avoid the wait.

#1. Gates Quick Link Emergency V-Belt Solution: This product comes in a roll. If you break a v-belt you can use this in an emergency and make up your own size. No tools required! Check out this video for an install demo.

#2. Spare Motors: Always carry a spare electric motor for any of your critical equipment so that if you burn up a motor, you don’t have to wait to find a new one!

#3. Gates Poly Chain: Are you sick of your annoying, problematic roller chain? Take the plunge and switch to Gates Poly Chain for better performance, more flexibility, and greater resistance to moisture. Your local PT rep can come in and size this correctly for you.

#4. Coupling Insert: Whether it is your Jaw Coupling from Martin Sprocket & Gear, your S Flex Coupling from TB Woods, or your chain coupling from Martin Sprocket & Gear, you should always stock a spare on-hand. This inexpensive item can save you the headache of finding a new one if it becomes damaged.

Published January 16, 2018
Barry Gruver, Power Transmission Specialist
Barry Gruver joined Rumsey in 2016 as the Power Transmission Specialist. He is responsible for supporting the outside sales force with power transmission needs and working with our vendors on new product launches.