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5 Reasons Why It Might Be Time to Upgrade your Lighting

5 Reasons Why It Might Be Time to Upgrade your Lighting

Lighting matters!

Lighting is one of the aspects of facility operations that is often taken for granted. The thing is without it all other operating systems are just about useless. Think about it: what can you do in a pitch dark room? If your lighting system experiences a hiccup, your facility could be closed for hours, days or weeks until you literally switch the lights back on. What’s more, you could be throwing money away by using inefficient and outdated lighting.

So how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your lighting? Here are five reasons why you may need to consider it today:

You have a feeling your electric bill is way too high

Don’t let your factory’s high electric bills keep you up at night!

Rumsey can help make your project cash flow positive from day one – no money down! Fixtures would be installed, your electric bill could go down (by up to 89%), and you would pay a portion of the savings on your electric bill over time to cover the cost of the upgrade.

Your team is spending a lot of time maintaining your lighting system

From installation and over its entire lifetime, Lithonia’s IBG LED high bay offers value and performance. Even better, it comes in a wide selection to fit in the most complex environments. It also happens to be dust resistant.

Did you know? Switching to LED can offer you 75k to 150k maintenance free hours versus 6k hours with HID and 24k with fluorescent? Just imagine what you and your team could do with all of this new found spare time.

Your workers can’t see past the end of their nose

Lighting is of course crucial to safety. It helps avoid slip and falls as well as a myriad of other work injuries, but have you ever thought about how it may impact your workers’ productivity?

According to a number of studies, cooler lights make workers more productive. Natural light has also been found to decrease depression and improve mood, energy, alertness and productivity.

A great remedy for workers decreased alertness and lack of productivity could be the Lithonia CDS LED strip light which also happens to be very easy to install.

Your building is a few decades old

Did you know that even if your light fixtures were upgraded within the past few years, the wiring itself may need a revamp? A system is only as strong and efficient as the weakest component of the circuit. We can help with that too.

You need the ability to load shed in the hot summer months

We can offer a lighting system from Acuity Brands that offers controls paired with utility grade metering, capturing not only you lighting – but HVAC savings as well.


Here at Rumsey, we understand how daunting it may be to even wrap your mind around starting to upgrade your lighting. That is why we have partnered with Lithonia to become experts when it comes to helping you renovate or upgrade your facilities to LED.

Whether you are completely redesigning your space by reducing fixtures, increasing light levels and accomplishing even illumination or you are aiming to provide an aggressive turnkey proposal by replacing fixtures one for one and calculating your ROI, we have the ability to facilitate all of your projects while saving you money with financial incentives and rebates.

Still worried about the hassle of installing new lights? Check this housing-free wafer LED downlight.

So, are you ready to step up your lighting game starting today and be your company’s hero? Contact Bill Gardner, Lighting Business Development Specialist at to learn more.

Published August 09, 2017
Karen Nwal, Marketing Coordinator