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System Integrators
August 22, 2017
Dave Kang, Network Security and Info Solutions Specialist

I previously wrote about the use of VMware on a desktop/workstation environment – a scenario commonly known as a ‘Type 2’ or ‘Hosted’ hypervisor. This is a good use for VMware in a relatively isolated environment already running its own Operating System. For example - your laptop is running Windows 7, then you install VMware Workstation (a Type 2 hypervisor), and gain the ability to share the resources of your laptop to run additional instances of another OS in separate VMs.

System Integrators
August 16, 2017
Dave Kang, Network Security and Info Solutions Specialist

As a former IT Professional now in the Automation/OT world, I have been using some form of VMware since about 2007 – be it VMware Workstation or VMware ESX/ESXi hypervisors.

System Integrators
May 16, 2017
Julia Santogatta & Rockwell Automation

As you are probably well aware, this past weekend provided a sizable scare for corporations and IT departments around the world.

Plant PAx
Rockwell Automation
System Integrators
April 25, 2017
Ed Gallagher, PLC/HMI Software Product Specialist

Where has time gone?  While Rockwell let us know 2 years ago the 5560 processors were entering maturity and the last time buy was coming, June 1, 2017 sure has approached quick.  This upcoming last time buy for the ControlLogix 5560s (L6x processors) might leave you wondering if the 557