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New Distribution Relationship with eWON

Rumsey Electric announces a new Distribution Relationship with eWON, an award winning, industry leading supplier of secure remote access solutions for Industrial Automation Systems.

Recently acquired by HMS, Rumsey is pleased to announce an expansion of their HMS relationship to include eWON remote access solutions.  Ranked #1 by Control Design’s Readers’ Choice Awards in both 2015 & 2016, the eWON product family was purposefully designed for automation engineers requiring instant and cost-effective remote access across the factory LAN.


The eWON Cosy (COmmunication made eaSY)

is an industrial VPN router designed to offer easy and fully secure remote access, across a VPN connection, to machines and installations on customer sites or in the field. With eWON Cosy, Machines Builders and System Integrators can troubleshoot machines remotely without

going on site, drastically reducing support costs.


Featuring a completely redesigned and simplified Web-interface, the Cosy is setting a new global standard for convenience and ease of use while providing remote access capabilities for almost unlimited uses: PLC program upload/download, access to an IP camera, visualization of an HMI, remote desktop, etc. 


The Cosy WAN, WiFI, or cellular hardware, combined with the Talk2M cloud service provide instant Internet remote access while bypassing the complexity, but not the security, that may exist within site specific IT network infrastructures. A fully secure SSL-based VPN tunnel is used for all traffic and the information exchanged during the communication is encrypted via SSL (2048-bit key) allowing only authenticated users to connect to the eWON.  In addition, a digital input allows connection control to fully remain with the end-user for their piece of mind.


Contact us to order eWON products, discuss how you can significantly reduce support costs by visualizing or troubleshooting machines remotely, or to request a demo.

More Information:

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About eWON:

eWON is an innovative manufacturer of hardware products and Internet services that offer secure industrial connectivity across the Internet. Over the last 10 years, eWON has become a market leader for intelligent Internet remote access devices and a partner of choice for PLC and automation systems manufacturers worldwide. With its leading-edge technology expertise, combined with a sound knowledge of industrial needs in terms of remote access, eWON distinguishes itself by its innovation, passion, integrity, quality and long-term vision. For more information about eWON, please visit the company’s website at